Healthy Weight Loss Program

At Kiafar, Fariba customizes your weight loss plan based upon specific individual needs and Provides personal mentorship to achieve your wellness goals.

In your first visit to our office or live videoconference, Fariba performs a complete anthropometric assessment, health evaluation, and risk assessment.

Then, based on your assessment and goal, your personal weight loss package is prepared and delivered to you during next visit or through email. The weight loss package includes a two-week meal plan*; grocery shopping list and recipe ; specific cooking instructions and an exercise plan targeted specifically for fat burn**

In your follow up visits, Fariba brings forth wellness coaching, nutrition education, and motivational support for a healthy and long-lasting result.


*Your meal menus are completely customized and are adjusted or modified based on your progress and motivation level.

**Personalized exercise plans or guidelines are given to increase your metabolism and fat burn based on your physical activity level to meet your goals.